Our Donors and Supporters

The leadership of our incredible community of supporters — and their commitment to growing sailing in Harbor Springs — inspires our work every day

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Although we budget carefully and strive to make our programs break even on an operational basis (see more about our finances here), our generous donors and volunteers allow us to do so much much more.  Since October 2014, Little Traverse Sailors has received cash and in-kind donations surpassing $175,000 from more than 200 families, individuals, and organizations — not to mention the countless hours that dozens of volunteers contribute to our programs.  This outpouring of generosity has enabled LTS in just the last three years to:

☑️  More than quadruple(!) the annual scholarship assistance we offer to young sailors.

☑️  Purchase more than 20 new sailboats, transitioning LTS to a modern fleet of standardized and widely-known training boats: 420s, Lasers, and Bugs.

☑️  Purchase two new 17ft rigid-bottom-inflatable (RIB) coach boats, adding immeasurably to the safety and flexibility of our powerboat fleet.

☑️  Invest in a new 1700 square-foot state-of-the-art floating dock system, dramatically enhancing the safety and learning opportunities for the entire program.

☑️  Add the exciting new J/70 (a 22ft sloop-rigged sportboat) to our fleet, opening up new opportunities for our young racers and adult programming.

Future plans include

🔆 Continued efforts to expand access to LTS through scholarships, community partnerships and support of other local youth sailing programs;

🔆 A systematic refresh of our coach boat fleet—several of our powerboats are more than 30 years old, and most engines are much more than 10

🔆 A carefully-planned fleet rotation scheme, to ensure our sailors have the safest and best equipment possible;

🔆 The possible expansion of our J/70 racing program.

LTS appreciates support in any form. To learn more about how to donate, see our donation page. For more information contact the program Directors at Directors@LittleTraverseSailors.org. .

Lists of our recent donors are below; we thank them wholeheartedly.  Their generosity makes Little Traverse Sailors possible.

[ Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to LTS ]

Donations Received in FY 2017

 Donations Received in FY 2016.

Donations Received in FY 2015.