The Little Traverse Sailors Fleet

The Little Traverse Sailors fleet has been carefully selected to provide top-quality sailing instruction on a variety of types of boats. By using a fleet of standard, well-known boats, the skills and experience that our sailors gain in our programs are directly transferrable to a lifetime of sailing virtually anywhere in the world. We also have a regular fleet maintenance and boat rotation plan so that we can ensure that all our boats are in excellent shape and ready for fun and learning.
LTS Collegiate 420

Collegiate 420s (6 in the LTS Fleet)

These two to three person boats are used by the Learn-to-Sail Program, Race Team, Adult and Private Lessons, and Thursday night Dinghy Racing.

420s are the scaled-down version of the 470 which is used in the Olympics. 420s are fast, stable, responsive, and versatile.  They are the most used double-handed training boat in the world, and are the core of virtually all junior sailing programs in the United States. 420s are also the most-used boat in High School and Collegiate sailing.

LTS Club 420

Club 420s (14 in the LTS fleet)

Used by the Junior Race Team and Race Team.  We take these boats when the Race Team travels to away regattas.

Club 420s are identical to the Collegiate 420 except that they are lighter, have spinnaker and trapeze setups, and are designed to race.

LTS Laser

Lasers (6 in the LTS fleet)

One-person boat used by the Race Team and Red Fleet.

Lasers are the biggest one-design sailboat class in the world (over 200,000 Lasers have been built!), and are used everywhere from beginning sailing programs to the Olympics.  Our Lasers have a variety of rig/sail sizes so that sailors from about 100 lbs and up can sail them successfully.  There is also a very active Laser fleet in Harbor Springs, racing in the Monday night Dinghy Races.

World Wide Sailor (10 in the LTS fleet)

One-person boat (sometimes two very small people!) used by the Learn-to-Sail Program and for Pram Racing on Wednesday nights.

World Wide Sailors are an 8′ singlehanded dingy intended for smaller sailors and beginners.  Though many programs have Optimists as their entry-level training boat, we think the stability, higher performance, and self-bailing features of the World Wide Sailors make them better for our purposes.

Bug (10 in the LTS fleet)

Bugs are an 8′ singlehanded dingy intended for smaller sailors and beginners.  With the recent addition of the World Wide Sailor Prams, the smaller sailors in Blue Fleet have been able to utilize the Bug in order to perfect maneuvers and sail more comfortably in heavier winds.

29er (1 in the LTS fleet)

High-performance two person skiff used by race team.

Ideal for youth sailors, the 29er combines a hydrodynamic hull and an incredibly light overall weight to maximize speed. The 29er is highly responsive and often times exceeds the wind speed while planing. At 14 feet, this boat offers a great introduction into modern skiff sailing.


J/70 (1 in the LTS fleet)

Four to six person boat used by the Race Team, Adult and Private Lessons, Thursday Night Learn-to-Race Program

The J/70 is a modern (introduced in 2013) high-performance keelboat, typically sailed by four to six sailors.  The J/70 is fast and responsive like a dinghy, and also features a lifting keel and large asymmetric spinnaker. The boat is easily trailerable, and J/70 regattas worldwide attract 50 or more entrants routinely.