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Little Traverse Sailors News – April 9, 2015

We hope you’re looking forward as much as we are to another terrific summer of sailing in Harbor Springs! In this week’s newsletter:

  • Registration Update! (It’s getting busy!)
  • New for 2015: LTYC/LTS Lunch Program! (Yum!)
  • Waiting for Spring … (Brrrr…)
  • 2015 Staff Spotlight on … The Curtis Brothers!

Registration Update!

Registration is open and going amazingly well!  All of us at LTS are excited to see so many students taking advantage of the new All-Day and Multi-week discounts. We know that more time to enjoy sailing will help us instill a life-long passion for sailing in our students. But remember — this fast response means that our sessions are filling up quickly!  Be sure to register soon to get the weeks you want.   If you haven’t already, register HERE.

New for 2015 — Lunch!

lunchLTS and the Little Traverse Yacht Club (LTYC) have teamed up to offer interested LTS students (and staff) a boxed lunch at the Club!  The details are still being worked out, but the general idea is to allow students to pre-order a simple boxed lunch (sandwich, chips, drink) from a few choices, and the boxed lunches will be waiting when LTS pauses for “lunch break” at 12:45-1:15. Our target price is between $5.00 and $8.00 per day — this program is intended as a service rather than a source of revenue for LTYC or LTS. We have already seen a huge increase in the number of students taking “All-Day” sessions of LTS, and we hope that this new initiative will make things easier for our families and even more fun for our students.  Stay tuned as June approaches for more details!


Waiting ….

LTS is busy getting ready for the summer and eagerly waiting for the ice to thaw in Harbor Springs.  And we aren’t the only ones!  Here, four of our new 420’s await warmer weather and transport to Harbor Springs!  Look for them out on the Harbor soon!





2015 Staff Spotlight: The Curtis Brothers!


LTS is excited to have brothers Zac and Josh Curtis on staff again this summer!  They have been a part of LTS for many years and both are graduates of the LTS program.  They bring years of experience as instructors at LTS, are always excited about sailing, and are beloved by the students and staff alike!

Zac’s favorite part of being an instructor at LTS is working one on one with students and helping them learn and grow.  He particularly enjoys working with students on skills they find challenging.  Zac’s favorite sailing memory is racing in the Beaver Island Race. Hosted each year by LTYC, the Beaver Island Race takes place over two days.  On Saturday, sailors race from Harbor Springs to Beaver Island.  Once on the island, sailors enjoy a BBQ dinner hosted by LTYC and most spend the night on the boats.  Sundaymorning the sailors race back to Harbor Springs from Beaver Island.

Josh’s favorite memory as an LTS instructor is playing with students during point day, specifically starting the tradition of the human catapult, where he launches students into the water.  His favorite sailing memory is sailing in the Ugotta Regatta last summer on board a J/88 with Jeff Johnstone, the president of J-Boats.

Stay tuned to LTS News for more staff spotlights as summer 2015 approaches.

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