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LTS 420’s Available to Race This Summer!


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Little Traverse Sailors is happy to announce that with the expansion of our 420 fleet—we will have 18 on the water this summer—we are now able to offer access to sailors interested in participating in the Monday & Thursday evening Dinghy Racing Series.  Find a teammate and come race: We hope to see family teams and friends old and new racing together in this exciting new fleet.  The series starts Monday, June 20 and continues through Thursday August 18, with three to four races per night in the Harbor, starting at 6:00pm. There will be weekly awards and a BBQ on the LTYC porch after racing on Thursdays.


Dinghies offer the purest form of sailboat racing—with very close competition and many short, fast races. (In 2015, the dinghy fleet sailed 45 races!)  Blow a start in one race?  No problem: catch up and do better in the next one!  Foul someone by accident?  A penalty circle takes just seconds, and on you go!  The simplicity, fun, and low-cost aspects of dinghy racing are what keeps fleets such as Lasers and 420s among the biggest and most competitive year-after-year.


The 420 is the worldwide standard double-handed training boat, and is a stable, simple, and yet fast and responsive dinghy suitable for sailors of a wide range of ages.  The boat is the basis of all high school and collegiate racing in the United States, and is a miniaturized version of the 470 used in the Olympics.  The LTS 420 fleet includes both full-size and reduced sail area rigs, so lightweight teams are welcome.


To get this program kicked off and to gauge interest, LTS is happy to provide the use of our 420s to interested sailors for FREE this summer, as long as either (a) at least one family member has signed up for two weeks of LTS this summer, or (b) your family has donated $250 or more to LTS in this fiscal year (e.g., since October 1, 2015).  Boats will be allocated first-come-first-serve, and all sailors will of course need to be qualified for sailing/racing ability and given a brief orientation by the LTS coaching staff.

Private lessons and coaching will also be available in 420s all summer. Our talented and experienced LTS coaches will be happy to help you take your dinghy sailing to the next level.

We hope that this new program, together with our Adult Learn to Sail & Race Program will dramatically expand access to the sport of sailing in the beautiful waters of Harbor Springs.  If you have comments, questions, or want more information, send an email to

[ For more details and to sign up click here. ]