Adult & Private Sailing Lessons

COVID-19 Update

Updated June 26, 2020

We have adapted Little Traverse Sailors programming to incorporate current best practices in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Adult and Private Lessons will be held on dinghies only in 2020 (420s, Lasers, Bugs, Prams) to accomodate social distancing guidelines.

Due to the difficulties associated with instructing new sailors whilst maintaining proper social distancing practices, we will not be offering private instruction to any new or unexperienced sailors.

Little Traverse Sailors is pleased to offer private lessons to anyone eight years old and above who wants to build their skills in sailing.  All of our lessons are taught by our US Sailing Certified / First Aid Certified teaching staff and are tailored to the specific interests of the sailor or sailors involved. Private lessons can include topics such as:

  • learning the basics of sailing;
  • intermediate sailing & skills building;
  • developing helmsmanship skills;
  • building confidence in open water;
  • mooring and unmooring / docking and undocking;
  • learning how to rig and use a spinnaker;
  • introduction to racing skills;
  • advanced boathandling techniques for racing;
  • and more.

During Summer 2020, sailors will have their private lessons in LTS dinghies (420s, Lasers, or Bugs). Sailors will be expected to be able to sail the boat without an instructor in the boat with them.

As with any LTS programs, all private lesson sailors must:

Fees and Costs

Dinghy Lessons & Coaching

(Using 420s, Lasers, Bugs or Prams)

$80 per hour for up to two students. One or two hour sessions available.

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