“Awesome week – sad it’s over” – Caroline

“Point Day rocks!” – Parker

“I made friends at sailing school” – Coco

“Never forget it” – Gretchen

“I had a fun time” – Olivia

“Going 2 the point” – Alex

“Being the skipper” – Max

“Getting to go sailing in ‘rilly’ fast win” – Samantha

“Having fun sailing and completing tasks” – Claire

“Sailing is the best” – Jack

“Learned different parts of the boats” – Noah

“Passing Seaman 2nd” – Alex

“Getting to almost capsize” – Heidi

“Sailing a Bug” – Hannah

“Sailing is my passion” – Sophia

“I learned to sail and it was so fun” – Grace

“Sailing was a great experience” – Taylor

“I really liked steering” – Jack

“I had an awesome time” – Grace

“I loved sailing” – Zoey

“Sailing is awesome” – Eliza

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