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The 2016 LTS Winter Report

2016 LTS Winter Report (cover) 600w

The LTS Board of Directors is pleased to publish our 2016 Winter Report — a look back at state of the the program in 2015 and a look ahead to our exciting plans for 2016.

We hope that this Report will allow LTS families, LTYC members and families, and anyone interested in sailing in Harbor Springs to better understand Little Traverse Sailors — the organization, the people involved, our goals and achievements, and plans for the future.  And hopefully keep you looking forward to sailing in Summer 2016!

The contents of the Report include:

  • Report From The Director, Dan Thompson
  • 2015 LTS Staff Members
  • 2015 LTS Race Team Members
  • 2015 Financial Performance Data
  • Board Discussion of 2015 Financial Results
  • About the LTS Board of Directors
  • How Donations to LTS Make our Program
  • Our Fiscal Year 2015 Donors
  • The Diane Chapin Nilstoft Scholarship
  • Lehmann Donates J/70 to LTS
  • 2016 Donation Wishlist
  • New Initiatives for 2016
  • The Floating Dock Project
  • Summer 2016 LTS Calendar
  • Key Dates & Contact Information

You can download the full report in PDF form by clicking here.

As always,we welcome your comments, questions, suggestions and feedback.

  • The LTS Board President (Polk Wagner) can be reached at
  • The LTS Director (Dan Thompson) can be reached at



We can’t wait for Summer!