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The New LTS Laser Clinic

LTS will be offering a weekly Laser Clinic starting Monday, June 20th with our Race Team Coach (and College of Charleston Sailing Team Member), Corinne Durocher!

The LTS Laser Clinic will be a fun instructional program focused on the on Laser, designed to integrate with the Dinghy Racing Series on Mondays (and Thursday) nights.  The Clinic is intended for adults who know something about dinghy racing, but who want to take their skills to the next level, and/or who want to learn the tips and tricks of Laser sailing from the perspective of a current star collegiate sailor.  The Clinic will run from 4:15—5:45pm, allowing participants to join in the Monday evening Dinghy Racing Series afterwards at 6:00pm.

The topics will be tailored according to participant interests and needs, but will include rigging tips, boat handling, boat speed techniques, sail trim, one design tactics/strategy, video analysis, and Laser specific tips and tricks!  The Laser is the biggest fleet in Harbor Springs, and the most popular racing dinghy worldwide.  Sailors from 10 years old and up successfully race Lasers all over the world, from the Olympics on down.

The LTS Laser Clinic on Monday, June 20 will be offered as a free “warm-up” session to all Harbor Springs Laser Sailors.  Thereafter the weekly sessions will run every Monday through August 15, and cost $50 per night, with discounts for signing up for the entire series.

Whether you want to get faster, become more comfortable in the Laser, or simply start beating your fellow sailors regularly, the LTS Laser Clinic is for you!  Come join us!

Email Corinne at for more information!

You can sign up by clicking here.