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Where will sailing take you?

 2016-03-24 Denali Race Team sm

Our mission at LTS is to build lifelong sailors, and we strive to offer diverse opportunities so our sailors can find their passion in sailing.

For Summer 2016, LTS is redoubling our efforts to enhance the fun, excitement, and learning of our programs.  This spring we’ll be rolling out updates on these initiatives in our newsletters.

One place LTS—and a passion for sailing—can take you is high school and collegiate sailing.  This week we’re featuring an article by our Race Coach, and College of Charleston sailor, Corinne Durocher.

A Day in the Life of a Collegiate Sailor

by Corinne Durocher, LTS Race Coach

I knew at a young age that I wanted to sail competitively and at the college level, it did not matter where or on what type of boat. All I knew was that I couldn’t let this immense passion of mine go to waste. This fervor has lead me to The College of Charleston where I am on the Sailing Team. I get to go to a school in a beautiful city, pursue a major I care about, and sail with my best friends- it is a pretty sweet deal.

On most days I wake up, go to team workouts, attend my classes directly after, and run home to get picked up in time for practice. Though hectic at times, there is nothing else I would rather be doing with my days. From around 2-6 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday we devote our hours to practice with morning workouts and regattas on the weekends. Each day when we walk down the docks together there is a smile on each of our faces because we are about to have another wonderful afternoon on the water. Practice is no cakewalk, it is hard work and by the end we are all exhausted. But, there is always a sense of accomplishment as each day improvements are made.

When I get home from sailing at night, I head to the library or study in my room. We have less free time than most college students, but it is not unmanageable. It is a commitment everyone on the team takes very seriously, we often do not have time for outside activities. For the Offshore Team, Regattas are generally in Charleston with the main events being in New York, Annapolis, and Los Angeles, while the Dinghy Team travels more often to various places each weekend. Traveling with my team has created some of the best experiences I have ever had. We get to all pile into a car or a plane and take off to go sailing. If we miss class we typically make up as much as possible in advance. In preparation for each event we train with the team being sent for as much time as we can in order to ensure we all work well together and know our positions.

One of my favorite things is that there is a large support system between our coaches and us. They really care for us by looking out for our safety and making sure we keep our grades up so we can sail. I highly recommend furthering your sailing career into college if it is something you are interested in. It has lead me to life long friends, unforgettable memories, and a unique appreciation for the sport itself.

To hear more about the LTS Racing Programs and how they can help prepare sailors for college sailing, feel free to contact Corinne at

Summer 2016 Registration Update

Registration is open and filling up fast!  We have filled to about 50% of our capacity, and the prime weeks are filling up fast.  Register now to avoid the wait-lists!  For more information and to learn how to register your sailor check out the Registration Page on our website.